Trust Modelling

HuTrust® identifies the 6 dimensions that make up trust & how they interact

Trust is the key driver for engagement, interaction and transaction. As trust grows, so does recommendation and satisfaction… and business success!

HuTrust® is a unique tool which represents a psychologically correct model of trust. It identifies the 6 dimensions that make up trust & how they interact. This allows Duxton to analyse, diagnose & define each specific dimension & optimise it to actively build trust between a Company and its customers.

HuTrust® has been proven in practical application with many leading organisations and is the only marketing tool that can be meaningfully used for end to end marketing, from analysis to tracking. It guides marketing programs, innovation, sales and customer experience.

HuTrust® is psychologically correct. It was developed & refined through over 6,000 interviews working with Dipl Psych, Barbara Grohsgart & reviewed by Psychology Professor, Wilhelm Salber. It has been proven through extensive quantitative studies.

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